Jordan Scorecard of Corporate Governance Standards for Listed Companies Seminar

JIoD in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) member of the World Bank Group, and in collaboration with Jordan Security Commission (JSC) delivered a four day seminar to introduce and explain the Corporate Governance Scorecard development for Jordanian listed companies. The aim of the scorecard is to be used as a tool by JSC to assess Corporate Governance practices of companies listed at the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE). This seminar was attended by c-suite executives from listed companies and provided them with in-depth understanding of (i) the Corporate Governance Scorecard; (ii) how to maximize the use of the scorecard to improve performance; and (iii) how to leverage the scorecard to enhance their Corporate Governance disclosure policies and practices.


JIoD Chairman, Mr. Laith Al Qasem, highlighted JIoD’s role in spreading the culture of good governance at the opening of this seminar. He also elaborated on the importance and value of integrating effective “Disclosure and Transparency” as one of corporate governance’s key dimensions that contributes proactively to building sustainable growth in emerging markets such as Jordan.