About Us


Jordanian House for Corporate Governance Training LLC (JIoD) is registered as a Non-Profit Limited Liability Company in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. It is the first of its kind in the Kingdom.

Our vision is to witness Jordan and the Middle East region improve its corporate governance practices.

Our mission is to raise awareness and improve corporate governance practices of corporate entities in Jordan.

Our aim is to increase awareness about corporate governance and enhancing the understanding of its principles strengthening the integration of corporate governance best practices. Also, to raise the capacity of board of directors members in Jordan to improve board performance and effectiveness. We are keen to cooperate with all related organizations to achieve these goals.

JIoD works on spreading the culture of corporate governance and its best practices through awareness and conducting various events including awareness programs, training and development courses in addition to research and studies related to corporate governance in Jordan. We also will cooperate with organizations that have same concerns and interests.  All these activities will ensure the increased competitive environment , attract  foreign investments and emphasize importance of transparency, accountability, sustainability, succession planing and ensure operations effectiveness inside companies which will contribute towards decreasing the risk that may occur as a result of bad management and work in anti corruption.

Our targeted audience are mainly Board Members, Directors, Executives, Board Secretaries, and Shareholders of all types of Companies (Public Shareholding Companies, Family Owned Enterprises and Small and Medium Enterprises) in addition to stakeholders. We also serve all individuals and groups interested in Corporate Governance from Public and Private Sectors.

International Financial Corporation (IFC) is considered our main partner and will provide us with the necessary expertise.

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